1. Ren Barrett - Team C
    Ren Barrett - Team C
    Ren has been practicing midwifery since 2004. She trained at Ryerson University where she is now an Instructor. She has practiced midwifery in Vancouver and Toronto. Le encanta trabajar como partera!
  2. Manavi Handa - Team C
    Manavi Handa - Team C
    Manavi has been practicing midwifery in Ontario since 2000. She completed the Midwifery Education Program at Ryerson University, where she is now also part of the faculty. Manavi divides her career between teaching at the University and practicing at West End Midwives.
  3. Soheyla Owliaei  - Team C
    Soheyla Owliaei - Team C
    Soheyla was born and raised in Iran and graduated in 1993 with a BHSc in midwifery. She practiced in Iran as well as in England till 2006. She graduated from the Ryerson University IMPP in 2007, and practiced in Windsor til 2015. Now part of the WEM family Soheyla is bringing all her personal life and work experiences. She loves how midwifery allows her to provide emotional support as well as safe care to women and their babies. She strives to promote natural birth and hopes that all woman and their families find a birth experience that is empowering and joyful. She looks forward to meeting you all.
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