Ontario Midwifery Model

The Ontario model of midwifery is based on three principles:

Continuity of Care
Midwifery care is provided on a continuum throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and the post-partum period, enabling clients to build a relationship of mutual understanding and trust with their midwife or midwives. Practices are organized so that a midwife known to the woman is available to attend the birth.

Informed Choice
The woman is encouraged to make informed choices about her own care. Midwives support the woman as the primary decision-maker and contribute their knowledge and evidence-based recommendations in a non-authoritarian manner. Midwifery visits allow adequate time for open, interactive discussion and education.  

Choice of Birth Place
Midwives respect the woman’s right to choose where she would like to give birth and are prepared to provide intrapartum care in hospital and out-of-hospital settings, in accordance with professional standards and guidelines.