Choice of Birth Place - Hospital

Women who come into care with WEM and would like to deliver at a hospital will have the privilege of delivering at Etobicoke General Hospital.

Our Hospital
Etobicoke General Hospital is located at 101 Humber College Boulevard – near Highway 427 and Finch Ave. At our hospital we work with a dynamic interprofession team of Obstetricians, Anesthetist, Pediatricians, Obstetrical Nurses, Social Workers, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Respiratory Therapists, Lactation Consultants and more.

The maternity floor (4th level) consist of 8 labour and delivery rooms,  20 combined-care beds and the Marjorie Tebb Maternity Clinic for breastfeeding support.
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Regardless of whether you are planning a home or a hospital birth, we ask that you pre-register at the hospital. When you register you will be given access to an online tour and E-Learning module. To fill out the registration form is click here.

Labour and Delivery
When you believe you are in active labour you will contact your midwife. She may give you suggestions to deal with early labour and make a plan with you. If you need to be assessed in person for labour, your midwife will try to assess you at home in the comfort of your own environment. The benefits of this is not having to travel to the hospital if labour is not active.

If you are in active labour your midwife (and student) will remain with you and provide you with support. The midwife will also be assessing you and the baby by taking your vitals, listing to the baby's heart rate and monitoring the progression of labour.  Remaining in your own environment as long as possible allow you to to decrease the interventions associated with early admission to the hospital. It also allows you to remain comfortable in your own environment to labour as you please.  When the time is right you and your midwifery team will make the decision to move into the hospital together.

Once you are admitted to the labour and delivery floor at Etobicoke General Hospital your midwife will continue to monitor you and your baby. Once she feels the labour has progress well she will contact your back-up midwives to come and assist her.

Immediate Postpartum
Once your baby is born, your midwifery team will assist you will skin to skin and breast feeding. They will monitor you to ensure your immediate recovery is progressing as expected. They will also ensure that your baby is making his/her transition appropriately.

Postpartum Hospital Stay and Discharge
Midwifery clients who deliver at Etobicoke General Hospital have the option of early discharge. If your labour and delivery was straight forward with minimal intervention, and no risk factors can be identified; as well as you and your baby's intimidate recovery is normal you may be discharge home within a few hours after the birth.  This is because your primary midwife visit you within the first day at home. She is also on call for you 24 hrs- 7 days a week.

Please note that your midwives may recommended a longer hospital stay if additional situations arise with you or your baby.

If everything remains straight forward only your midwifery team will be at your labour to support and deliver your baby. However, if we require additional specialties we may contact other health care professionals in the hospital such as anesthesiologist, obstetrician, nurse or pediatrician. 

Pain Medication
Clients choosing to deliver at Etobicoke have the following options for pain management:

  • Non-phamarlogical options (shower, birth ball)
  • Morphine (with or without Gravol) administer by a midwife under the order of an obstetrician
  • Epidural managed by your midwive, administered by an anesthesiologist

Regardless of which option you choose your midwives will remain with you and monitor you labour as long as it is progressing.